With increasing urbanization and decreasing green areas in cities will the average person move further away from the forest and nature.


Lumlyx, who are we?

Lumlyx develops, produces and markets virtual sky and wall windows for public environments, such as offices, schools, stores, industries and hospitals. With Lumlyx’s solid nature and lighting expertise and wide range of innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly natural solutions, you get a partner for the entire project.

It is proven that daylight and nature have a positive impact on mental and physical well-being. Sufficient daylight is essential for a good mood, good concentration and our ability to function properly. Through Lumlyx, all these important factors combine a decorative product that creates a unique daylight experience with a striking natural feel.

Light and nature is our passion

We at Lumlyx do not take shortcuts to create a correct illusion of nature. Therefore, we use the latest camera and LED technology, which gives Lumlyx products the unique feel. We strive to provide a practical, affordable virtual sky roof and wall windows that provide this in a clean and profound manner.

Our devoted staff are happy to contribute with everything from visualization and project management to custom-made applications.


Research has shown in recent decades that nature promotes healing in healthcare environments, improves productivity, provides satisfaction at workplace, increases well-being and reduces stress. Researchers hypothesis is that people have an inherent attraction to nature, called biophilia. Our high resolution photographs combined with daylight-balanced LED technology provide a striking sense of reality where nature becomes a natural element in everyday life.