Biophilic Design

Extensive research and science clearly shows that the right light contributes to a number of positive
effects on the human body. The results are striking but also obvious.

In the right light, I feel more vital and productive.

In the summer, I feel positive and happy

In nature I’m creative and have the great mental power.

The feeling of lack of energy, depression and fatigue are significant during the winter months. With the right lighting in your workplace, this can be solved effectively. Economic experts has in resent years invested in the right lightning in there facility’s. Result = Less sick leave and higher productivity.

The third receptor guide us

The light that reaches the eye is received by the light-sensitive neurons in the retina. The cells send signals to the brain puts them together into images. Nerve cells called rods help us see in the dark. The pins on the other hand helps us to distinguish colors. 2002 scientists discovered the so-called third receptor in the eye’s retina. When exposed to light it will block production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which affects the secretion of alertness hormone cortisol. The control, in other words, circadian rhythm and stress level.

We feel the best when the sun rises around six o’clock in the morning. But in winter, we go up at six even though it gets light only at eight o’clock. Then easily dislodged our circadian rhythm. In studies conducted on schoolchildren could be demonstrated that the child’s circadian rhythm and performance are positively affected when the children were exposed to proper light during winter.

Lumlyx Sky LED – the perfect solution for your workplace

The right light is 6500K for optimal performance and concentration for each day and season. Lumlyx take a step further and combine the right light with impressive and realistic images of nature. Light combined high-resolution images to create a unique experience of a real window. The products are ideal to transform bleak and monochrome workspaces for creative oases.

Light and Nature gives LIFE!