Lumlyx Sky LED

Lumlyx Sky LED is a virtual skylight that has a positive impact on people’s well-being and health. With a truly natural experience combined with daylight-balanced light, it becomes a unique feature in your space. The elegant frame design is modular to the suspended ceiling, 60x60cm or 60x120cm. With quick connectors, the Lumlyx Sky LED is easily connected to power supply.

Its positive effects are:

Nature is present
Lowers stress
Promotes relaxation
Improves the mood
Improves experience during treatment
Contributes positively to the healing process

Through its positive contribution to a “healing environment” it gives a direct impact on the healing process of patients. The health sector’s clear and specific requirements are always met thanks to our solid experience in the medical field. Lumlyx Sky LED is antibacterial and energy efficient. Lumlyx Sky LED has a varied image database created with experienced photographers and the latest camera technology. If special requests about motives are sought, we can customize the image according to customer requirements.

Healthcare – Waiting room, treatment room, patient room
Hotel and Restuarang – Hotel lobby, restaurant, casino
Real Estate – Offices, shops, schools, airports

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