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Dental lighting

Light has a direct impact on our well-being. By choosing the right lighting in the dental environment, you can promote health and create a safe and relaxing atmosphere for patients. Improved lighting reduces anxiety and worry, and increases the sense of calm and harmony. Make an investment in the right lighting for a better patient experience.

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Lumlyx Care LED

Lumlyx Care LED is the ultimate solution for dentists who want the best for their patients. This unique lighting solution is specifically designed to improve treatment and patient experience. With an optimal light source that has the right color rendering and brightness, you can easily carry out your treatments without worries.

Lumlyx Care LED creates a relaxing atmosphere for the patient with its illusion of nature. This feature helps the patient to relax and feel more at ease, which in turn can lead to better treatment. In addition, the product has an elegant frame design that allows it to fit into any type of dental practice. You can either choose to hang the luminaire or mount it directly on the ceiling. This lighting solution will make a big difference for both you as a practitioner and your patient. Invest in a lighting solution that is guaranteed to improve your practice today!

Lumlyx Care Cinema

Lumlyx Care Cinema delivers high quality 4K technology for a strikingly sharp image. Living nature that contributes to distraction and a positive and calming experience for the patient. We have developed a unique movie database with a focus on relaxation and tranquillity. There is something for everyone here, from nature from the sea and plant life to child-friendly with playing dogs and cats. With the accompanying speakers, you can also enjoy relaxing music.

Lumlyx Care Cinema also provides an optimal light over the unit, with the right brightness and color rendering, the dentist can be sure that the treatment room gets a comfortable working light.

Lumlyx Care Cinema puts the patient in focus.

Lumlyx Sky LED

Lumlyx Sky LED has no limitations in its size. Easy to install and fits directly into the suspended ceiling. Together with our LED armatures 60×60, a unique atmosphere with lovely sky and optimal lighting is created in the examination room. Correct color reproduction and brightness.

Lumlyx Sky LED is customizable in size, making it possible to hang it between the existing lights of the treatment room.

Choose from 100s of motifs or create your own unique design. Do you want your own designs? No problem, we adapt to your wishes.

At Lumlyx, we know light and illusions and are experts in putting the patient in the spotlight.

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