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The right light in school and office environments is a key factor in promoting both better performance and health among students and employees. Studies have shown that proper lighting can increase productivity and improve the mental and physical health of individuals. Good lighting in a school environment helps students to be more alert and focused, which in turn can boost their learning and memory. In an office environment, the right lighting can improve morale and reduce fatigue and stress. Make an investment in the right lighting for better health and performance.

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Lumlyx Li LED

Lumlyx Li LED combines both wonderful sky and general lighting for your conference room. It is unique in its kind and makes a memorable impression.

With both indirect light, upwards, and powerful lighting downwards, the Lumlyx Li LED envelops the space with harmonious light flow. Lumlyx Li LED is available in several temperatures, choose from 3000K, 4000K or 5500K.

Choose your sky from our rich database of images, birds, hot air balloons and gorgeous green canopies. Give your conference room or hallway a standing welcoming impression.

We have several standard sizes but can also customize the size to your requirements.

Easy to install, choose suspended or mounted in the suspended ceiling.

Lumlyx Sky LED

Lumlyx Sky LED is bringing positive energy to offices. Daylight-balanced lighting and our high-resolution sky images create a natural meeting place. Welcoming entrance or positive and creative offices or conference rooms.

We humans have a natural attraction to nature. Nature soothes and creates well-being. Lumlyx Sky LED gives the space the illusion of a real skylight which also creates space in the room.

Lumlyx Sky LED has no limitations in its size. Easy to install and fits directly into the suspended ceiling.

Choose from 100s of motifs or create your own unique design. Do you want your own designs? No problem, we adapt to your wishes.

We at Lumlyx know light and illusions and are experts in transforming spaces into unique and welcoming environments.

Lumlyx Wall LED

Choose your view over the sea, into the forest, across meadows or along mountains and valleys. Lumlyx Wall LED transforms enclosed interiors into a more spacious feel and gives the distinct illusion of a real window.

Nature has a proven calming and healing effect on us humans and positively affects us regardless of age, background, male or female. Workplaces have many spaces where nature can provide creativity and positive energy.

With our professional photographer, we create high-resolution images with a focus on relaxation and positive distraction.

We have several standard sizes but can also customize the size to your requirements. Lumlyx Wall LEDs are easy to install regardless of wall type.

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