Our references

Do you need inspiration or project yourself? Here are some of our previous installations. Lumlyx lighting solutions have been improving the comfort and well-being of users for many years. Our lighting solutions can be mounted on the ceiling, either recessed or suspended, or on the walls. Trust Lumlyx to find the optimal solution for all your dark spaces.

Lumlyx Care LED

Dentists in the Stockholm region

Dentists need a lot of light in their treatment room to be able to treat the patient well. Some patients also suffer from dental fear.

Solution and results

Installing the Lumlyx Care LED with a full 19,000 lumens and CRI 95, gives the treatment room enough light. At the same time, it also allows patients to be less anxious and relax while enjoying the view of a lush tree and a beautiful blue sky.

We have extensive experience

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to help many different businesses optimize their light.
We always look at the individual business and optimize delivery according to your needs.