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Lighting for elderly care & sensory rooms

Our nature illusions that mix beautiful nature with daylight have many benefits for elderly care and sensory rooms. It reduces stress and creates a safe environment. It can also boost mood and energy levels by simulating natural light and creating a bright and uplifting atmosphere. In addition, the right lighting can help regulate the circadian rhythm, which can improve sleep and overall health. Overall, the right lighting for elderly care and sensory rooms will improve the quality of life and well-being of older people. Make an investment in the right lighting for better health and performance.

We are experts in nature illusions for Eldercare & Sensory Rooms

Here are our solutions

Lumlyx Tunable White

With Lumlyx Tunable White, we can now also simulate the light temperature throughout the day. At sunrise, the light is warmer at about 3000K and then at lunchtime it becomes colder at about 6000K.

With dynamic light, we can ensure that the biological clock keeps pace, especially during the dark months of the year, or in rooms with limited access to daylight.

Especially during the dark months, we can use lighting to stimulate the circadian rhythm. Lower levels of warm light in the morning increasing to higher levels of cooler light until lunch and then slowly returning to lower levels and warm light in the afternoon.

Choose from 100s of motifs or create your own unique design. Do you want your own designs? No problem, we adapt to your wishes.

At Lumlyx, we know light and illusions and are experts in putting the individual in focus.

Lumlyx RGB Sense

Now you can also get our popular products in a variety of colors. With Lumlyx RGB Sense, you can fill the room in any color that has different effects on us humans.

Green is a color that is close to nature and tranquility. It symbolizes harmony and balance. Green is a positive color that gives us energy.

Blue symbolizes safety and calm.

Orange is a warm color that symbolizes emotions such as joy and spontaneity.

Yellow is the brightest of all colors, so it is natural that it symbolizes energy, liveliness and creativity.

Lumlyx RGB Sense delivers 16.8 million colors that can be easily controlled via a wall-mounted controller.

Lumlyx Wall LED

Choose your view over the sea, into the forest, across meadows or along mountains and valleys. Lumlyx Wall LED transforms enclosed interiors into a more spacious feel and gives the distinct illusion of a real window.

Nature has a proven calming and healing effect on us humans and positively affects us regardless of age, background, male or female. In healthcare there are many stressful situations where positive distraction is needed, Lumlyx Wall LED is a cost-effective way to remedy this.

With our professional photographer, we create high-resolution images with a focus on relaxation and positive distraction. We have several standard sizes but can also customize the size to your requirements. Lumlyx Wall LEDs are easy to install regardless of wall type.

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